>Leviticus 14 – Leprosy

03 Mar

>Leprosy is a very dangerous disease, brought on, many times, by an unclean lifestyle, or coming into contact with someone else who is infected. It is a chronic infectious disease which attacks the skin, peripheral nerves and mucous membranes (eyes, respiratory tract, etc). Leprosy is characterized by multiple lesions accompanied by sensory loss in the affected areas. Usually, sensory loss begins in the extremities (toes, fingertips). In many advanced cases, gangrene sets in, causing parts of the body to “die” (necrosis) and become deformed.

God commanded Israel to take the issue of leprosy very seriously. If at any time there was a suspicion of the disease, the priest was to do a careful analysis of the matter and make a judgement, using the Word of God as his criteria.

Sin is just like leprosy. Sin is developed by either living a lifestyle apart from the Word of God, and/ or being in constant contact with a person who is infected by a lifestyle of sin. Sin desensitizes you to more sin, and is easily picked up by having close contact with those who unashamedly live a sinful lifestyle. Like leprosy, sin also deforms the body, and if left untreated, can result in death.

How can a man be cured of leprosy? As of 1940, a treatment using dapsone is currently being used to supress leprosy. Seldom is leprosy completely removed from the body; it can only be halted using a multi-drug treatment. Of the approximately two million cases (and half a million more each year), only one million are being treated in this way.

In addition, patients are taught to take care of themselves using a kind of visual check if they have significant nerve damage. Without the sensations of pain to identify cuts and bruises, patients must watch themselves constantly or be subject to dangerous infection.

How can a man be cured of sin? Like leprosy, sin is not ured until the child of God, who is trusting in Jesus Christ as their savior is brought home to be wih the Lord. While on this earth, there really is no cure, only treatment. Like the leper, we need to be constantly taking medicine, which can only be found by bathing ourselves in the Holy Bible. Also, like the leper, we must continually be checking ourselves, to see if any spots of sin are popping up in our lives.

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