Leviticus 19:32 – Honoring the Aged

06 Mar

Our culture today is fast paced, and getting faster with the passing of each year. Included in this fast pace is the habit of determining personal worth in an individual’s ability to succeed in the work world. The sad part is, the older you get, the greater chance you have of being displaced by younger, more energetic co-workers. When this happens, it invariably produces a growing disrespect for the older employee/ individual.

God’s Word commands us to honor the “hoary head” (white or gray with age). Doing so, demonstrates a healthy fear for God.

I admit, I am old-fashioned. I believe in honoring the aged individual, showing them respect, and allocating them a greater honor. I believe if I teach my children this important lesson, they in turn will honor our seniors as well.

Remember, if we are fortunate enough, we also will have the hoary head. If we show disrespect for these citizens now, how can we expect to be treated honorably when it is our turn?

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