>Numbers 20: 14 – 21: 3 – Succeeding in Life

17 Mar

>While Israel was journeying through the wilderness, they were forced to pass through certain populated areas (Edom, Canaan, etc.). Moses tried to plead with Edom to let them pass, but they said, “No!” Israel even thought about forcing their way through, but Edom resisted, so Moses moved on. When they came to Canaan, it was the same thing. Israel fought with them and lost. This was when Moses cried out to God, and asked Him for success over their enemies. God gave it to them and Israel destroyed the Canaanite cities they fought against.

IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE: Success comes from God! Seek His will, and obey His Word and you will have good success (Joshua 1:8).

Even though Moses and Israel was obeying God’s will, they still encountered resistance. They were even failing to break through this resistance until Moses went to God for help. We might be doing God’s will but this does not means we will not encounter obstacles. We need to know what God wants us to do, go to Him in constant prayer, and obey His every direction.

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