>Numbers 22: 22 – Obeying God

17 Mar

>And God’s anger was kindled because he went….

Balak was worried. The nomadic people of Israel were coming his way and he was afraid that they would do to him as they had done to the other nations who had resisted them. So he sent for Balaam, a man who had the reputation for being able to bless and to curse. But like so many unsaved, Balak didn’t see that the true power came from God and not from Balaam.

Balak sent money and men to Balaam and asked for him to come and curse Israel. Balaam went to God, and God said do not go! So Balaam sent them packing. Balak, thinking like a typical lost person, sent even more important people with even more money. Balaam went back to God, and God said to go with them. Interesting thing is that when Balaam went, God’s anger was kindled, because he went!

* IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE #1: If you know what God wants the first time, DO NOT go back and ask a second time! This is foolishness and God will treat you like a fool! Obey God the first time and DO NOT waiver.

Balaam was acting so foolishly that God used an ass to rebuke him. Balaam was so blind by the money that he did not see God’s angel blocking his way. Even the dumb animal saw the fiery messenger, but Balaam was too foolishly blinded by worldliness. It was only when God opened the eyes of Balaam that the prophet saw the danger.

* IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE #2: Worldliness will spiritually blind you. You might be walking with the Lord, enjoying sweet fellowship with His blessed Holy Spirit, and then in a single moment, become blind by a lustful thought, or a worldly desire. Brother/ Sister run from such foolishness! Be constantly on guard against anything that will get in between you and your blessed master! Be zealous over your time and walk with God, because it is so easy to become blind to the things of heaven.

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