>Numbers 25 – Whoredom Brings Curses

17 Mar

>Balaam knew that he could not curse Israel, but he so desperately wanted the money from Balak. So, he told the king how he could destroy Israel: by getting the men of the camp to commit whoredom with pagan girls. When this was done, God’s blessings were stopped and the Lord’s wrath was poured out on God’s chosen people.

When worldliness crept into the camp, God’s anger was turned against Israel. It was only abated by the zealous commitment of Phineas, the son of Eliazar, Aaron’s grandson.

IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL TRUTH: Christian, have you dedicated your life totally and completely to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? If you have, you are now on the devil’s top “hate list.” He will do whatever he can to destroy you. Satan knows that he cannot curse you as long as God’s hand of blessing is upon you, but that crafty old devil knows if he can get you a whoring after the world, God’s hand will come off, and you will be dragged away like some dumb animal to the slaughter. Guard your heart, O child of God! Guard your heart, and be zealous for God!

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