Deuteronomy 9: 26-29 – Interceding Before God

24 Mar

Several times throughout Moses’ career/ ministry he has had to go before God and intercede in behalf of the people of Israel. They had done wickedly, and everything was pointing to the conclusion that God was going to destroy them for their murmurring, their rebelliousness, and their idolatry.

How often do we go before God and ask Him not to judge and punish our loved ones for their wickedness? Your heart breaks when you see your son or daughter openly rebel against God’s Word! You stand and watch your beloved spouse refuse to obey God, even though they might know the right thing to do. Do you interced on their behalf? Do you cry out to God, asking your heavenly father to draw them back to His side?

Please, my brother and sister in Christ, don’t stop interceding!

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