>Deuteronomy 11: 26 – To Choose a Blessing or a Cursing

25 Mar

>Let me share with you a story of a Bible student I know. He went to Bible college fully committed to serve the LORD with all of his heart! He asked God for a God-fearing wife, and the Lord blessed him with a wonderful gal. While serving in a ministry, this guy allowed bitterness to grow in his heart. Over the course of time, this bitterness grew into a spirit of anger. In the end, it destroyed his walk with God, his testimony before man, and finally his very beloved family was in shambles! Though this student of God’s Word started off well, he stopped following God’s Word, and curses ensued in his life.

In Deuteronomy 11, there are three times where Israel is commanded to obey God’s Word (vss. 1, 13, and 22). They are told that if they keep God’s statutes, He will bless them and they will be prosperous. But, if Israel does not keep God’s commandments and they start chasing after other gods, He will bring curses down on them.

It’s the same for the believer. If we commit ourselves to diligently obey the Bible and seek after God with all our hearts, God will bring blessings into our lives. If, on the otherhand, we turn away from God and seek after worldly pleasures more than things from above, Satan wil establish strongholds in our lives and we will become miserable wretches!

What has become of this wretched Bible student? I praise God to be able to say that he has repented of his sin, and has returned to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ! Though he hasn’t seen his beloved wife and children for almost four months, he is trusting God to protect them and have his wife return to Christ as well. If you want to pray for him, please do! His name is John Hall, and you can encourage him by writing ( and letting him know that you will pray for him and his beloved family!

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