Deuteronomy 12: 2-3 – Destroying Satanic Strongholds

26 Mar

When the people of Israel were to enter the promised land, God commanded them to destroy the pagan areas of worship. They were not to study their idolatry. They were not to sympathize with them. They were not to show mercy! Israel was God’s judgment on a people who would rather worship gods of stone and wood, than worship the true and living God. It was a lesson to Israel in order to teach them not to play around with the filth of idolatry.

The blood bought child of God is to have the same attitude toward satanic strongholds in their lives. When God’s Holy Spirit reveals an area in our lives where there is a stronghold of worldliness, we are commanded to zealously attack and overthrow these altars, and break these pillars, and burn these graven images, destroying the area of worldliness completely.

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