Deuteronomy 13 – Destroying Apostasy

26 Mar

There are times when our enemy will rush in and attempt to batter down the gates of our defenses. We clearly see his plan of attack, and with the strength of God, we can easily ward off such assaults. There are other times when the enemy comes in quietly and with stealth. He will have one of your friends, or even a family member introduce him t you as a person to be trusted. This is the most insidious attack because we don’t always know when these strikes will come, nor are we always prepared when the devil sneaks in the back way.

Be extremely careful child of the Living God! Examine every spirit that comes your way.

There was a story I once heard how people who work with money are trained how to identify counterfeit currency. It’s not that they are shown all the different fraudulent bills, but instead they are continually working with the real bills. The tenders are so familiar with the “real thing” that when a fake comes along, it is easily and quickly detected. We need to be the same way. Our walk with God must be so constant that when a fake attempts to creep into our lives, they are quickly identified and arrested!

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One response to “Deuteronomy 13 – Destroying Apostasy

  1. Tom Pickering

    30-March-2005 at 4:09 PM

    Even more important is to monitor your thoughts, which is Satan’s best avenue of infiltration. The adversary is amazingly adept at using our fears and insecurities against us at the most opportune times.


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