Class Notes Now Available

08 Jul

After some juggling and tinkering, class notes from my Bible courses will start to be available. Since September 2005, God has given me the joy and privilege of opening God’s Word to my students at Cornerstone Baptist Church. While in the past, much of my notes had been Outline based, the class notes provided here are direct translations from the original Greek using the Traditional Text.
You can find the link to these Class Notes off to the right, entitled Class Notes.

May God continue to use them as He sees fit, to His glory and honor.

John Calvin Hall


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2 responses to “Class Notes Now Available

  1. Rodney

    9-August-2010 at 11:02 AM

    What is involved in registering for 'advanced studies' if you are indeed offering them?  Blessings!

    • johncalvinhall

      9-August-2010 at 12:09 PM

      When we finally get the Bible School up and running online here, all you will need to do is register for free online. The Class Notes I provide here are from my classes I teach at our local Church. I am providing the notes here freely for others to use as well.


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