How New Evangelicals View a Fundamentalist

30 Jul

While being a firm Fundamentalist myself, I do have friends outside my theological circles. One such friend made an offhand comment how he felt that fundamentalists are so battle-thirsty. That gave me an image in my head of a raging viking landing on the shores of Britain, eager to 'pillage the village!" Are we like that? Are Bible-believing Fundamentalists wild-eyed roaring barbarians just itching for a fight? I hope to answer that in a future article.


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2 responses to “How New Evangelicals View a Fundamentalist

  1. Steve Bazis

    1-August-2010 at 7:41 AM

    I prefer to think of ourselves in the same vein as Gianavel, the protagonist in the historical novel Rora. It tells of the heroics of Gianavel defending the right of the Waldenses to read the Bible for themselves against the wishes of the Catholic Church. He fought against the armies of the Inquisitors but was still a compassionate man in taking care of the weak and the young.


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