Free Online Bible Study Tools

11 Aug

It's now 4:10PM on a Wednesday.  I have 25 minutes to kill, before I need to toddle off and begin my routines for tonight's class.  Since there isn't a whole lot that can be done in 25 minutes, I figured that I could best use it to toss off a quick note and let you folk know about a free web site I had found the other day.

This site is called Bible Study Tools, So far as I have seen, it's a free online service providing quick access to general study tools, including Bible translations, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.  Though most of us already have either e-Sword, or TheWord loaded up on our main computers, there are times when we are visiting a friend's house, or working on another workstation, that a quick and easy service like this is extremely useful.

When you get an opportunity, stop by the site and check out what's available, in order to see if it could meet your needs.

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One response to “Free Online Bible Study Tools

  1. Allie

    12-August-2010 at 6:34 AM

    Thank you for sharing! All the services in Bible Study Tools are for free.


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