Romans 6: The Key to the Prison Cell

27 Aug

{Our church has a Reformer's Unanimous (aka RUI) program.  Though it originally geared for substance abusers, RUI also is great for Christian growth and development.  While going through this program, we are asked to do several challenges: memorizing Scripture, journaling, and writing reports.  Where i am at right now, I am asked to write a small essay on what Romans 6 means to the believer.  Though the requirement only asks for 100 words, I just wrote what came to my mind in as short an essay as possible.  And here it is.}

Romans 6 is a vital key for the believer in relation to his Christian walk.

Through out his unregenerate life, the Christian was bound to sin as a slave is bound to his master. If he tries to escape that master will have the power and authority to hunt him down and capture the hapless soul. Sin was the same way. The poor unregenerate works and struggles to better himself, only to be found still shackled to sin. No matter what he does, no matter where he goes, he does not have the ability to free himself from the bondage that will only end in death.
Romans six announces that great joy that the child of God, those who put their trust in Jesus Christ now has a new master. Gone are the chains that bind the soul to his former master. Gone is the authority sin had over the man. Gone is the power. Gone is the fear. Gone are the consequences of sin. As Christ died on the cross, we share in that death, becoming dead to sin. When our Lord and Savior rose from the tomb, we also rose with Him in newness of life. Now, we no longer have to obey sin. We have that option.
The problem is that sin is not muzzled. Though he cannot touch you, this evil master, can entice you and threaten you to serve him again. When the believer must realize is that his threats and promises are hollow and vain. Though we are free from sin, doesn’t mean we are isolated from sin. Sanctification is a three-fold course.
1.)           Salvation brings separation from the Penalty of Sin.
2.)           Christian maturity brings separation from the Power of Sin.
3.)           and Death brings separation from the Presence of Sin!
Romans Six is the key to our prison cell. The chains are loosed, the cell door is unlocked, and the prison guards are powerless. Whether you leave that prison cell or not depends on you!
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