Erasmus's 1522 Greek-Latin New Testament (3rd Edition)

28 Aug

Ever since I started my Bible degree ('89), I always had a fascination with electronic books, especially Bible software and electronic texts.  Over the years I have always maintained the latest and greatest Bible programs, including e-Sword, TheWord, Logos, and BibleWorks.  All of these are great, but none of them provided many early Greek texts that I wanted.  Sure, they were eager to give you the Nestle-Aaland Critical Text, and even willing to provide Scrivener's Greek Text, but not Erasmus's New Testament in Greek and Latin.

For years I had scoured the Internet for a copy to no avail.  Once, in 2006, Ink and Blood English Bible Exhibit came to Idaho Falls and I had a chance to gaze upon a copy of Erasmus's text, but even think about touching it made the security guards nervous.  After dialoguing with several software providers, I almost gave up hope of even obtaining even a glance at the text.

Until now…

Last week, I ran across  It provided a list of free Bible texts, sadly of which were not in a pdf format but in DejaVue format.  I wasn't too excited about this, but I was curious about their online store.  Thinking that I was too poor to buy anything, I thought i was safe.  I was wrong.  The link directed me to's Bible Storefront.  There I found many interesting an wonderful pdf sources for Greek texts, but the most fantastic find was Erasmus's 1522 3rd Edition Greek-Latin New Testament.

Needless to say, I was not hesitant to grab a copy.  For less than $15.00 I had fulfilled a 20 year old quest.

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