True Calvinism According to John Calvin

30 Aug

Tonight, I had the fortune of spending the evening with John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion.  Though not a Calvinist myself, I did stumble across a couple of sentences that would horrify most of today's Calvinists.  Allow me to quote him:

1. THE human mind, when it hears this doctrine [referring to the Doctrine of Reprobation], cannot restrain its petulance, but boils and rages as if aroused by the sound of a trumpet. Many professing a desire to defend the Deity from an invidious charge admit the doctrine of election, but deny that any one is reprobated (Bernard. in Die Ascensionis, Serm. 2). This they do ignorantly and childishly since there could be no election without its opposite reprobation.

John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book III, Chapter xxiii, Section 1. (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1997).

Did you get what Calvin stated?  If not, go back and read it again.  

The Doctrine of Reprobation is the belief that not only does God chooses who goes to Heaven, but God also chooses those who will go to Hell.  He goes on to say that you cannot have the Doctrine of Election without the belief in Reprobation.

Most Calvinists today are against the idea that God chooses people to go to Hell.  They will claim that while God does in fact choose the elect for salvation, He then allows the rest to continue on their inevitable journey to destruction.  They go so far as to ostracize any Calvinist who does hold to the Doctrine of Reprobation, calling them Hyper-Calvinists.

According to John Calvin himself, anyone who denies the Doctrine of Reprobation is an ignorant child, and is not a true Calvinist.

My response?  I laugh at the heresy of Calvinism and weep over all the damage and destruction these individuals cause.  God be merciful to those who would don the mantle of Calvin and reject God's Word.  


Lord, open their eyes to the heresy they hold to!


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2 responses to “True Calvinism According to John Calvin

  1. johncalvinhall

    30-August-2010 at 1:01 PM

    A reader had commented on the above article, and had not posted his comments on Twitlonger, so I copied verbatim his comments. – jch
    /*********************** Cross Posted from Twitlonger –
    On Monday 30th August 2010, @weecalvin said:
    @johncalvinhall @BellinghamWire I read the anti Calvinist article which you link to. It fails to establish how John Calvin's statement on Reprobation collides with the summary of other Calvinists that “God allows the rest to continue on their inevitable journey to destruction.” I would actually tick *both* boxes which leaves the articles “either/or” scenario needing explained. It may help you to know that reprobation does not make *make* men sinners, but merely treats them as such. The cause of any man’s damnation, as Calvin often pointed out, is his own personal sin and rejection of Christ. It may be helpful to your readers if you could emphasise that and so bring your comments closer to a true representation of what Calvin and Calvinists actually teach. Regards.

  2. johncalvinhall

    30-August-2010 at 1:26 PM

    @weecalvin  Hello weecalvin!  Thank you for visiting the BibleBlogger.
    > It fails to establish how John Calvin's statement on Reprobation collides with the summary of other Calvinists.
    You are mistaken my friend, it does in fact establishes a conflict with most who love to flag themselves as "Calvinist."  Who else can define what a McDonald's cheeseburger is, than McDonalds themselves?  
    Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion is the pinnacle of Calvinism because it is used by these individuals to redefine God's Holy Word to fit their needs.  Therefore, Calvin is the one who finally defines Calvinism. 
    The mainstream calvinists (note the lower case "c") love to mark real Calvinists as being "Hyper-Calvinists". This is a misnomer used to vainly attempt to bring credibility to their heresy.
    Some calvinist from the past (please forgive me, I have consumed so many books for my dissertation, his name slips my memory at the moment), railed against those who identify themselves as "Four-Point Calvinists." He made the statement that it is wrong to remove one point of Calvinism, because the five rest on each other.  I agree with him,  When you remove Calvin's Institutes completely out of the picture, and focus solely on Scripture, the errors of Calvinism collapse.
    Thank you again for visiting  Hope you come again!


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