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22 Oct


Someone once told me that they can determine what is important to an individual just by looking at the checkbook.  They invariably spend their money on what they regard as important.  Well, if you look at my accounts, you will quickly notice that I have a sizable investment in Bible Software.  Though there are great tools out there for free (e-Sword, TheWord, etc.), the pricier tools are indispensable  to the serious Bible student.

I currently use two major Bible tools:  BibleWorks and Logos.  BibleWorks is ideal for students of Greek and Hebrew.  It’s power lies in the software’s ability to handle the languages like no other tool.  Logos on the other hand, is priceless when it comes to it’s resources.  Sure, BibleWorks has their own resources and books, but their layout pales in relation to Logos.  And yes, Logos does have some pretty powerful language tools, but when it comes to speed and power, BibleWorks cannot be beaten.

If you are a student, pastor, or teacher of God’s Word, Logos should be an integral part of your study tools.

Tonight, while working on my studies, I stumbled across a serious handicap for Logos.  So, I got onto their forums, and posted the following suggestion.

If you are a Logos User, drop a comment and let me know.  And if you find my suggestion to be a good idea, then go and support me on the forums!

Suggestion to Logos Software:

I don’t know about others, but when I make a suggestion to companies,  99% of the time, I don’t get a response.  Support is GREAT for Logos.   The people I know at Logos are wonderful and caring.  But when I make a suggestion, all I hear, on the most part, is silence.

I have been a Logos user for over 5 years now, and I am hooked!  The only thing that keeps me from buying more resources is the… well… lack of resources!  Logos is the tool that any serious Bible student, teacher, pastor, and scholar shouldn’t be without.  Yet one of the greatest hang ups of the entire suite is one of Logos’ greatest weaknesses.

The greatest problem I face is that of RESOURCE NAVIGATION.

At the moment, I have between 2500-3000 resources.  Once Logos reinstates PBB Resources in Logos 4, I will have a ton more!  But everything falls back on Resource Navigation.

Let me pose the question, and please, if you are reading this – kindly answer….

Do you not own books in your Logos Collection that you not only did not use, but also books you never knew you had?

I sure do!  And I wish Logos would provide a more robust way of analyzing my library.

Now that I am crying … it would be irresponsible for me to NOT give some ideas on how to solve this…

1.)  Make the Library Screen Bigger.  You know the drop down box when you click on the Library Button?  This is great!  Much better than what I recall Logos 3 had.  But to be honest, this is good if you know what you want, but it is a miserable tool when you are trying to wander through your library to see what you already own.  Give us something BIGGER, very much like the Home Page you have put together for us.  This would allow us to look at the Library as a whole, rather than a small sampling of our list.

2.)  Make the Library Screen MORE PERMANENT.  At the moment, the Library Screen is nothing more than a drop down box.  Instead, allow us to have it open much like our Home Page.  This will allow us to wander our virtual bookshelves and see what we have.  Currently I can see only 16 resources on my Library Screen/ drop down box.  If I grab the lower-right corner and drag, I can see more, but at the moment I take my focus OFF the screen, it disappears.  Can we make this more permanent?

3.)  Allow us to integrate Collections into our Library Screen.  This is where I get a bit foggy on my idea, because I am not quite sure how to have this set up.  I envisions tags being able to be placed on each book.  These tags automatically convert the related books into a Collection.  If I tag 20 books with the word “Calvinism” then this becomes a Collection and is quickly seen in my Library Screen.  If a book has more than one tag, it is included in multiple Collections.  Then the Collections are easily seen, much like virtual bookshelves in my Library Screen.  I know we have Collections already, but it seems to me that my Library is separate from my Collections.  This shouldn’t be.

I don’t know…. does anyone have some suggestions?

4.)  Provide the ability to see Book Titles, Abstracts of these books, and their tags in our Library Screen that we do not own yet.  This would allow us to see what is available in Logos that we have not purchased, and yet might need for our studies.  Right now, I am doing studies on the Will of God.  I am trying to search my resources to see what I have, but to also see what is not in my Library, but is available for this topic would be a valuable too.

All of these are suggestions on improving the Library Screen for Logos.  Yet, for all I know, they won’t get read except by a handful of fellow users who also patronize this Topic/ Thread.  Logos, please, help us with this problem.


I must make a confession here.  Less than 24 hours after posting this article on the Logos Forums, I received a response.  Apparently, I had not learned all the goodies provided by Logos 4.  Thanks to my kind fellow-users, I have learned that Logos is sever steps ahead of John Calvin Hall.

I cannot urge you enough!  If you are someone who spends most of their time in the Word of God, Logos Software is a powerful tool.  Though it does have a learning curve, the tool allows me to get done in a couple of days what it would take others months to accomplish.


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2 responses to “Suggestion to Logos Software

  1. Rodney Myers

    21-September-2011 at 6:19 AM

    Bro. Hall…I have been using e-sword for about 3 years now…and…though I find int helpful in answering a lot of questions I have about a passage/subject, I just get tired of having to sift through reformed theology! My problem is that I am a missionary who is already under-supported…what can I do to locate a better Bible software package which is 1.) traditional/progressive dispensational rather than Reformed, 2.) ‘robust’ enough to allow me to excel in my studies not only for my church’s sake, but so that I can challenge Bible Students here on the mission field, and 3.) won’t kill me financially so that I have to go into debt to buy it?
    Can you help me?
    (A former student of yours)

  2. Rodney Myers

    21-September-2011 at 8:25 AM

    Thank you very much for your insightful advice. You are ‘right on’ with everything you said! I had checked Logos out extensively on their web-site and didn’t think that I would be happy with anything less than-like-the gold package…but even then I was skeptical thinking that there would be key resources which I would be losing out on if I didn’t go with the highest package! The two things you said about that settled my mind–even with the platinum, there are options you have yet to use, also many books you have not truly needed…is that right?

    Your other two suggestions really are giving me good direction–buying basic:adding slowly according to need…then, scan the net for good deals especially on printed material. I think that I’m going to initiate this plan asap (or as they say in Swahili: “Nitachangamka sasa!”



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