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Class Notes on Biblical Hermeneutics

After a year of teaching out of the book of Revelation, I had set my sites on beginning studies in Paul’s epistle to the Romans.  We had finished last week (27OCT2010) and the following Wednesday (3NOV2010) is right before our church’s Revival Services, throughout the second week of November.  Rather than start Romans this Wednesday, stop for Revival, and then pick it up again the following week, Pastor Carlson suggested that I do a one day class on Hermeneutics and begin Romans afterward.

This was wonderful I thought!  I am always eager to teach, and I have found that God repeatedly directs me through authority.

Originally, I had planned on compiling a 3-5 page outline on the subject, especially since the class is only an hour long.  I prayerfully began to compile notes, obtaining ideas from my library and good theological websites.  Now, only a couple of hours before the start of class I have finished, with the complete outline running just over 18 pages!  I have a tendency to provide more material than what can fit in a 60 minute class, and this was no exception.

Ah well.

My notes can be grabbed here, if you want them, or head over to BibleBlogger’s Class Notes Page.  My heart’s desire is that God would be glorified through this material and that it will help Bible-believing God-fearing Christians in their walk with their savior.

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